Easy fundraising
for everyone

Raise money or donate to a good cause with Monero

✔ Start a kuno for free

✔ Receive Monero (which you can exchange to cash)

✔ Zero fees, works globally, no bank account required

The fair alternative to GoFundMe and Kickstarter

Launch your kuno in 1 click

Monero is cash for the internet

Monero is a fast and secure way to send and receive money online.

No bank account, application or government ID is required. Simply download a wallet for your phone or computer to send and receive money worldwide with one click.

Monero’s simplicity and accessibility makes it an ideal payment method for online stores, remote work, remittances, tips, fundraisers and more.

Uncensorable donations

With Monero, your money belongs to you.

Monero is peer-to-peer software and doesn’t rely on third parties or corporations. Transactions can’t be censored, funds can’t be frozen and users can’t be deplatformed.

Whether you raise funds with Monero or donate to a good cause, you can have peace of mind that the recipient receives 100% of the donation.

Spend it anywhere

Exchange Monero to cash, shop online or pay bills.

It’s easy to exchange Monero to physical cash with LocalMonero, Bisq or a Crypto ATM (no bank account required).

Marketplaces like MoneroMarket and directories like Monerica and AcceptedHere help you to buy what you need with Monero.

In addition, CakePay and CoinCards offer prepaid Visa cards and gift cards to thousands of businesses. Personal shoppers like ProxyStore, Sovereign Stack and ShopInBit offer a convenient way to pay invoices with Monero.

Monero’s flexibility makes it easy to raise funds to pay bills, kickstart your project or support a charity.

For charities

A local cat shelter needs donations for cat food and vet bills.

They setup a kuno, share the link in social media and receive donations.

The shelter uses the fundraised Monero to buy Petsmart gift cards with CakePay and withdraws cash to pay the vet bill with a Crypto ATM.

Each donor receives an update with photos of the cats.

For individuals

Alice needs to raise money for medical bills.

Her daughter helps her to setup a kuno and shares it with their community.

They collect enough money and exchange it to cash with LocalMonero.

Alice writes a heartfelt thank you letter for each donor as a token of appreciation.

For startups

An indie dev wants to create a new game.

He sets up a kuno and shares it with gaming communities.

He reaches the goal and uses the funds to hire Monero-friendly artists from MoneroMarket and buy game assets with a CakePay virtual debit card.

Each donor gets a free copy of the game.

For content creators

A band uploads their covers and original music to Youtube.

They setup a Kuno Donation Page to receive Monero donations.

Fans can also suggest songs or comment during livestreams by making a donation.

This offers a better way to sustainably monetize their content, compared to ads.

For you

With Kuno, everyone can raise money for their project, cause or startup.

All you need is a Monero wallet and a goal.