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We are excited to present the Copa Monero, a first of its kind crypto event that will take place for the first time in Argentina, specifically in the beautiful city of Ibarreta, Formosa, known as "Monero Town." My home town! You can see why it has been named Monero Town in this documentary of Douglas Tuman visiting Ibarreta that we just published here:

This futbol tournament will bring together 12 teams in a format of 12 exciting matches that will take place at Club Athletico Libertard (aka Monero Stadium) where only 4 teams will advance to the semifinals and compete in the grand final, fighting to be the first team to take home the Copa Monero and the xmr prize!

This is where you come in! We have already done all the plannig and are ready to premier the opening match at MoneroKon on the main stage on Saturday June 8th. We are seeking the monero communities support to help maximize the success and impact this event can have, and help us reach break-even. The goal of Copa Monero is to use a globally appealing sport that brings people together to grow monero awareness and to grow monero adoption directly in the city where it is hosted, specifically by educating the attendees about Monero, promoting Monero usage at shops in the town, and attracting teams from the area to play for a chance to win a large Monero prize. Between the players, attendees, and residents of the local areas, thousands of people will be introduced to Monero. There is also a chance that the event will gain local media attention. An additional goal is to improve the stadium where the tournament takes place.

To help us achieve these goals, funding raised will go towards 3 primary things:
1) Supporting the cost of producing the Copa Monero tournament. Costs such as: match operations (referees, doctors, police), game broadcasting services, game-day human resources, signage, banners, cups, medals, for a total expenditure of $9,737 in Monero.
2) Repairing the CAL Monero Stadium. Including the renovation of the goal posts, the renovation of the substitute benches for the comfort of the players, and the locker rooms ($700 in Monero). This iconic club (which has liberty in its name and it's genisis story) has been at the forefront of promoting Monero as a medium of exchange among the youth, which is why we have chosen this place to host the 15 exciting Monero Cup matches.
3) Increasing the XMR prize that the winning team recieves for taking home the Copa. We have already seeded the prize with 10xmr and will put 1/3 of every Pico donated here towards increasing the prize!. So if the Kuno raises 90xmr total, 30xmr will go towards increasing the prize to 40xmr! A prize amount that will excite these small-town teams and attendees!

The tournament, which will start on Saturday, June 8th. You can view the full schedule at All the matches will be streamed live by a local sport broadcast company on the MoneroTalk YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel here so you don't miss a match:

They will be professionally filmed and presented with commentators. The final match will take place in November and will be streamed live at the MoneroTopia Conf.

1 XMR donations and above will receive a mention memorialized on the Copa Monero mural inside the Monero Stadium, as a thank you and also as advertising.
7 XMR donations and above will make you the sponsor of one of the 12 teams. Your logo will be included in the broadcasts and your company/project will be mentioned and discussed. Also, anyone who is a large sponsor of the MoneroTopia Conf is given a team sponsorhip. So far Cake, Zano, and Firo are MoneroTopia Conf sponsors that have been given a team. Reach out to [email protected] to be a Conf sponsor that comes with a team sponsorship or just donate 7xmr or more here to be given a team sponsoship.

Please visit to learn more. Follow our social media: @copaMonero on X and Instagram.

A lot of work has and will go into this. Consider donating to this Kuno to help fund the production plus directly increase the Monero grand prize! Let’s give these teams a pot of digital cash worth competing for!

contact: [email protected]

Contact: @copamonero

Published: 2024-06-02


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