South American futsal with Monero and kunno

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Hello, my beautiful people introduced me, my name is Esteban López Representative of the futsal team called Andalucía from Medellín Colombia, We are current champions of this discipline in our city, on December 2 we had our first international tournament in the city of Misiones, Argentina in which we finished fourth in the tournament, the team sincerely asks for your collaboration to be able to buy new clothing and training materials so that we can play the next tournament at the end of February in Argentina, the clothing will carry the monero and kuno logo, the Players already have this means of payment, which is monero, and we want to show this wallet to Argentines!! Thank you so much !! If you have any questions, I leave you my networks that are also on my Instagram!!

Contact: YouTube: Instagram: Correo: [email protected]

Published: 2023-12-15


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