we need help please, we lost everything

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Hello Monero community

My name is Yester Touma from palestine Ghaza, we are a family of 3, my father Joseph 67, my mother Lina 58 and me Yester 27

Bevause of rhe recent war we lost everything, our house, car and savings, my mother and me had to sell our bracelets to use that money to leave ghaza to egypt, thanks jesus we managed to rent a small room bjt our situation is very difficult (none of us managed to find a job) since 3 weeks

I got to know about tour generousity and support, we never had to ask for help from anyone, but we are in really bad financial situation

we wish we can get supoort from the Monero community just to cover the room rent and basics (food)

I am so sorry and apologize to ask, we never expected things to happen this worse and we are just days from Christmas

That is my father photo in our house before it got rekt

Thank you in advance if you could support us or not, Jesus bless you

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 2023-12-15


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