accepting Monero payments at our business since 2021 Libreville Gabon

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Hello Monero community

I’m Kounta Diongue, from Libreville Gabon

We are 3 friends who we met each other at Range Rover Gabon back 2012-2017

Until we decided to set up own vehicle maintenance business, it took us less than a year until we become a preferred alternative to Range Rover dealership

Due to our business and the need of getting spare parts supply mainly from France, Germany found out Monero is the best option to use (not advertisement, it’s reality)

Luckily al the suppliers we deal with accept Monero payments as well as we do

we sometimes use bank to bank but it’s very rare cases

I’m here to ask for sponsored campaign covering social medias / neighboring countries and of course to cover entire Gabon

our campaign will be solely for clients who will use Monero payment and in return he will be getting 10% discount on labour service charge and additional 5% on spare parts cost

It’s a win win case for both us and the Monero, this will encourage clients to pay in Monero and save some amount and we will be boosting our business

We don’t have any numbers to ask for, we have decided to do it, nevertheless we get a backup or not

Note: since we started to use Monero we had saved more than $5k on money transfer fees which I will provide my contact number for reference

Thanks to everyone taking time to read our announcement, and can message me directly for proposals, better ideas if have

Note: our new bill book order is at the print shop currently, with Monero logo being printed aside from visa & master card

cell: +24162300003

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 2023-12-22


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