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Hey everyone,

My name is Andy, and I am a student at the University of Montreal in "Informatique". For privacy reasons, I am not comfortable revealing my full identity publicly, thus the newlly created x account but if you need to contact me or would need more info i'll be availble.

I'm reaching out because I am in a difficult and stressful financial situation. I've found myself struggling with debt, and it's been increasingly challenging to find a way out. Normally I have good financial discipline but their have been events that brought me to this point.

I recently had to renew my student permit, which caught me off guard as I didn't budget for it in advance. Additionally, my rent has increased (I live in a shared apartment).

To add salt to the injurie, I haven't been able to secure a job here in Montreal despite my best efforts. With no regular source of income and my credit card limit capped at $1,000, I am finding it increasingly tough to manage my expenses and pay off my debts and increasing my credit card limit do not sound like a good idea. The stress of the upcoming months is really weighing down on me, given my unstable financial situation.

I did receive a scholarship to help cover my tuition fees, so this is not a problem and i know that i can rely on some generous friends for basic needs like groceries in the worst-case scenarios. Although I'm grateful for their support, I can't help but feel like i will become a burden sometimes.

Currently, i can support myself, as shown with the pictures i can stay upfloat for quite sometime but the debt continues to pile up, and my mental well-being is taking a hit. I'm reaching out for help to get me back on my feet. I really want to get out of debt because at some point it will be a never-ending cycle.

So i would be very gratefull for any support that i receive. I usually dont ask and try to find a solution by myself but i i'm stuck right now.

Contact: https://x.com/drewct_ct

Published: 2024-06-24


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