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Hi, my name is Faiz. I am a computer science student in Indonesia currently saving up to buy a new battery for my T470 Thinkpad. I need a new battery because my current one is not reliable anymore. I have recalibrated quite a few times and yet it still turns off occasionally so sudden. Would be glad if anyone wants to support/sponsor me.

Anyone's help is incredibly appreciated! All the money will be spent in buying me a new battery.

UPDATE: Hi, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to someone who have donated 2.4 XMR for my T470 battery. I also would like to thank everyone who visited this page. I am ordering the battery now. And, because the raised amount is bigger than the target, I would donate some to someone needing a replacement laptop battery, and some to repair my T470. Get in touch with me at me lcat dev. If someone donates again to this fundraiser page, I would save it for my T470 maintenance/repair or donate it again to someone with similar needs

Published: 2023-10-01


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