The Nigerian Liberty Project 2

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I'm Econ Bro.

With the help of Kuno, and the generosity of XMR users, I was able to host an edition of the Nigerian Liberty Project, where I taught principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets and sound money to an audience of 75 young people at the university of Ibadan in Nigeria. At the seminar I gave free copies of Murray Rothbard's "The Case Against the Fed" and "Anatomy of the State".

I introduced the audience to Crypto & Monero in particular, but adoption is impossible at this time because of heavy anti-crypto regulation in my country in recent times. However, these restrictions will not last forever, and adoption can commence in a few years.

I hope to host another seminar as soon I am equipped to do so, and this is why I have set up this fundraiser. I may not have made much progress with Monero adoption, but the embers of liberty have been ignited, and I would like it to grow into an inferno that will consume Nigeria.

Contact: @EconBreau

Published: 2024-05-09


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