Monero equipments for a food truck business wish we reach target goal thank you

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Hello beautiful Monero community

My name is Manuel Flores, together with my wife Veronica Flores we own a food truck in Senda Florida, El Salvador

We have been into business since 2016, started with 1 food truck back then, today we own 2 food trucks which one is always set at the same location, and the second food truck is mobile, which we started covering tourists area ( El Tunco, Mozata and Lake Coatepeque)

We have been accepting Bitcoin since 2022 for payments, mainly from American/European tourists

Recently we started having issues as Bitcoin payments usually take time and also costly, few days back a customer had to pay $18 for a $11 food he ordered

My Son Jose he told us about XMR and maybe we can also add XMR as a mean of payment

What we need if you have anyone in El Salavador to help us provide the equipment needed (POS terminal / payment processor) as well as a neon signboard that says Monero accepted here to be see at night

We do have Wi-Fi service in our food truck that allows tourists to use for doing crypto payments

Equipments needed:

POS system / payment processor + set up
460 dollars

1 portable crypto collector Wi-Fi activated for deliveries 174 dollars

Neon signboard written (MONERO ACCEPTED HERE) 60 dollars

we don’t want money help, we just need if we can have these equipments if possible from the Monero community, if that is not possible option I mentioned what is the cost

By the way my son is an XMR enthusiast and he always tell us about

reach us:
[email protected]

Twitter: @Crypto_Pace_ (Jose_XMR)

Google: Che Mafalsa

Jesus bless you

Manuel & Veronica Flores

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 2023-12-18


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