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Hello my friends, I think it is time to return a small part of the support you provided to my son Hamza and the help you provided to me. Therefore, I decided to give back to the Monero community through my work as a computer and IT teacher, where I am responsible for training teachers and students in addition to my work as a senior teacher and Microsoft expert. Therefore, I submitted a request to amend the plan. Training teachers and students in educational administration in my governorate to higher authorities. The semi-annual training plan has been approved and will begin on January 16, 2024 over a period of two weeks. The work plan will be one week of training for 124 teachers in the field of computer and information technology, and one week for 320 middle and high school students.
The training plan will be as follows
1- Introduction to the cryptocurrency “Monero”
2- About Monero,
3- Requirements for obtaining the cryptocurrency “Monero”
4- Digital wallets and their types
5- Methods of trading digital currencies
6- Monero terminology
7- Methods of protection
8- Open source software and its relationship to Monero
9- References
10- Conclusion
- Tools used in “Learning Resources” training
1- A computer
2- Smart board
3- Data Show “Projector”
4- X-Emrage
5- Configuration wizard
6- The offer
Link to your support for my little hero
Link to my Facebook page
For Monero, with all due respect
- Updates on teacher training
Prepare a portfolio for each trainee and send a trial batch as a practical application at a rate of 0.02 * 124 trainees = 2.48xmr
Distributing gifts to outstanding students at a rate of 3XMR
The internal network has been modified to accommodate the number of Monero users
Updated February 9
The training was completed at the end of the mid-year vacation, and the distinguished students will be appreciated on the first day of the second semester, Sunday, September 2, in their schools during the morning assembly, with the distribution of informational publications entitled (The Future of Digital Cash! Monero for All). A limited number will be printed, with digital circulation of the printed file.
A limit has been set for the 3XMr campaign and it will be closed when the students’ assessment is finished, with a summary published immediately upon its completion.

Thank you to the Kuno community for hosting this event

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 2023-12-21


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