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The 2024 Libertarian National Convention is set to take place in Washington D.C. the weekend of May 24th, ramping up to be a historic event as the groundswell against tyranny grows. Thousands of liberty-loving individuals will be attending, with speeches and debates from figures such as Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and RFK Jr. The theme of the convention is "Become Ungovernable," and what better way to embody this than by opting out and using Monero, peer-to-peer outside the state-controlled financial system. We aim to spread this message to as many attendees and "freedom-fighting celebrities" as possible. Your donations will help make that possible.

Doug and Sunita of MoneroTopia are teaming up with the Central New Jersey Libertarian Party to:

1. Run a Monero table at the LNC where we can teach attendees about Monero, how to use Cake Wallet, sell them coffee for Monero, and give them 0.03 XMR to set them on the path to radical financial privacy & freedom.
2. Add Monero stickers (see Kuno banner image) to thousands of LNC Swag Bags so that everyone who attends the convention will know to visit to learn about Monero.
3. Stream a MoneroTopia episode live from the Convention and grab Monero Talk interviews with pro-liberty politicians and influencers.
4. Represent Monerotopia & Cake on the EOTS Bash website (
5. Get a shoutout to the Monero community from Freenauts during their live performance.
6. Get Douglas Tuman on stage during the EOTS Bash for 5 mins to talk about the state's crackdown on crypto privacy (i.e., Tornado Cash & Samourai Devs), the importance of financial privacy, and to inform the crowd that the solution to rampant financial tyranny is the radical privacy and fungibility that Monero provides.
7. Print up a large banner version of the sticker to display at the Monero table and at the EOTS Bash.

Where your donations will go:

- 12 XMR – Secure a Monero table at the LNC & cover Doug & Sunita’s hotel room
- 4 XMR – Stickers for the LNC Swag Bags
- 8 XMR – Monero to give away to attendees
- 2.25 XMR - Monerotopia on EOTS website as Sponsor
- 2.25 XMR - Cake Wallet on EOTS website as Sponsor
- 3.5 XMR – Freenauts shoutout to Monero community during set
- 5 XMR – Doug on stage for 5 minutes at EOTS Bash
- 3 XMR - Large Monero sign (like the sticker) for the Monero table and in the party venue

Total: 40 XMR

Anything raised in addition to our goals will be used to make the Enemies of the State: D.C. Bash bigger & better by paying for professional services and additional AV equipment.

With this campaign, your donations will help us achieve the goal of educating as many attendees of the LNC as possible, so they can become better equipped to subvert the state by utilizing the most fungible and permissionless cryptocurrency – Monero!

About the LNC:
Our table will be stationed all day Friday and Saturday, when the convention is in full swing.

About the Bash:

Friday, May 24th
Washington Hilton during the 2024 Libertarian National Convention
Doors @ 9:00 PM

Join us for a night of solidarity and celebration as we honor the courage and sacrifice of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Ian Freeman, Ross Ulbricht, Roger Ver, and others who have been persecuted for challenging the sacrosanct authority of the state. We gather to raise awareness and affirm our support for those brave individuals who have risked everything to speak truth to power, or who build and advocate for peaceful technologies which subvert the omnipotence of the state. Throughout an evening filled with live performances, DJ music, thought-provoking testimonies, and heartfelt tributes, let us stand together in solidarity and demand freedom for all peaceful adversaries of state tyranny!

Primary event website: (Fiat Donations & Sponsorships available here)


Cake Wallet

Central New Jersey Libertarian Party

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 2024-05-03


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