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There are a lot of cats, but only a few photos.These are the stray cats on campus.
There are a lot of stray cats in the campus, and sometimes there are good people to feed these cats cat food. But during the school holidays, when the students are on vacation, the cats can't eat as usual. During the holidays, they have to starve.
I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a college student. Here to collect donations from cat lovers or caring people in the community. The money will be used to provide cat food to the stray cats and bring them warmth!
If you donate money, or you promote the awareness of protecting animals and loving animals, I would like to thank you on behalf of cat lovers!
If there is extra money, we will use it to treat the sick cat.
You can contact me by email, or you can leave me a message on Twitter.
Every dollar spent will be posted on Twitter.Make sure every dollar is spent wisely.
My email:[email protected]

Updated May 8:I used some of the money to treat the cat.

Updated May 4th:Video of feeding a raccoon cat.Thank you all for your support.

Updated on May 1:Feed the cat strips to the little orange cat.Click on the link to watch the short video.

Updated on April 30:I used some money to buy a bag of cod-flavored cat food.You can check it out here.

Updated on April 29:Bought some tops with the money from the fundraiser.You can check it out here.

On April 29,I used the rest of the cat food to feed our school's little orange cat.You can check it out here.


Published: 2024-04-27


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