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Hello everyone!

rottenwheel, maintainer and editor of Revuo Monero as of January 2022. I am pleased to have published Issue 200 today, marking my first 100 issues as an editor and sole maintainer of the self-hosted Revuo website ( My recent CCS proposal got fully funded in a couple days as well ( Thanks to the donors, XMR community, graphic designers and everyone else who contributed to this end goal one way or another, without your support Revuo wouldn't be where it is.

I would like to keep iterating the website, build an even stronger foundation in regards to the underpinning code. To this end, I am looking to hire a couple of front-end developers to migrate the current Emerald Jekyll CSS/HTML/JS layout theme to a Hugo UI where issue template files can be ported, going from editing raw HTML .md files to working on Markdown, which makes maintenance simpler, be it me or someone else at the helm of writing new issues every week. I have been told the ported theme will have either a permissive license, i.e. MIT, or FOSS-friendly GPLv3, aligned with Monero's ethos. Don't fret, though, no changes to the way things work, or position of elements.

Additionally, the rebranding of the site, social media presences, and miscellaneous improvements deployed to commemorate issue 200 carried a cost, too.

I am looking to raise 1,000 EUR worth of XMR to cover the back-end changes for the site and replenish funds spent paying designers. Maintenance is taken care of via the CCS, trying to see if this platform yields result when seeking funding for other enhancements.

1,000 EUR is about ~6.44++ XMR. I am setting the goal for 6.5 XMR to cover for any last-minute volatility between the moment this goes live and when goal is met. Any shortage of funds will come from Revuo's tipjar (

Thanks a lot, everyone!


Published: 2024-06-27


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