Free Assange Stickers to be given out at protest

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Help to protest the imprisonment of Julian Assange by donating towards 'FREE ASSANGE' stickers.

Update: The fundraiser is complete!
Please see the new pic for the stickers out in the wild.
The protest was a huge success, leading to widespread coverage of Assange's plight. Stickers were spread to the crowds present outside the Royal Courts of Justice, including important speakers. They were also placed on certain signposts, lamp-posts etc. Most of the people who received a sticker also heard that it was crowdfunded with Monero, thus spreading the good work of XMR too.
I have re-opened the Kuno fundraiser to allow the remaining donations to process. Any further donations will be given to the Assange campaign, or to Wikileaks via crypto transfer.
Thanks to all fundraisers, you are all heroes, and part of the revolution!

I will be attending the protest outside of the Royal Courts of Justice in London. I will take these stickers and hand them out to protestors, celebrities and try to get them in positions of maximum view for any media.

The stickers themselves are glossy, die cut and bold. They are waterproof and long lasting - suitable for phones, lamp posts, police vans etc.
They currently cost £35 for 100 stickers (0.26... XMR). I have ordered 100 but any more Monero donated will be spent on more stickers. I have set the limit for fundraiser at 1XMR but it can go higher if needs be. As the protest is on Feb 20th, that is when the fundraiser will end, any excess will be donated to Wikileaks and the DEA (Don't Extradite Assange legal fund).

Find out more about the Assange campaign here:

You can contact me directly on here:

If you donate and are from the UK, send me a private message and I will post you a sticker or two for your support :)

Published: 2024-02-01


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