Christmas present for Sarah who was sexually assaulted

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My exchange student friend Sarah is in my country for about 2 months and was sexually assaulted a week ago. She has been raped and has multiple injuries. She is currently in hospital, she will be physically okay but she will never be the same. I support her in every way I can and been able to get a therapy slot for her already which took me so much time.

During the attack her phone broke and she lost all of her memories, photos and can't afford to buy a new one. She is new in the country and used her phone for navigation a lot and not being able to do this now makes her feel even more helpless.

I set up this fundraiser to help to get her a new iPhone, I plan to get the 15 if I can raise enough money. I try to pay up if there is a gap and can currently add about 150$. Depending on the amount I can raise until Christmas I will decide the model I can get her. I also look for used ones all the time to have a present for her. The phone is £799 at the cheapest version here in my country which is about 6 XMR. I also started some local campaigns to raise money and hopefully can make it until Christmas.

It would make her so happy if we can get her this present for Christmas together and show her there are people that care and not only monsters in this world.

I will write a Christmas card and add your name and message you want to tell her onto it f you want to be added. I will upload photos of it with the present on Christmas eve. I would love to show her there are good people around the globe that care and support and have nice words for her!

Thank you for all your support!

Published: 2023-12-13


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Best Wishes and merry Christmas hope you can get well soon!

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