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Hello friends,

Happy 2024 Monero community, since the first day of the year we have been working on the expansion of the mesh network and we have shown our progress with the installation of the new antennas to complete the first stage of the expansion.

At this time we want to ask for your help to improve our old and small mini laptop with which we configure and set up the network. Since the last week it has been having problems with the wireless adapter and blue screens due to memory congestion while we are doing the configuration work for the new Mesh routers and the Air max antennas.

Our little machine barely has an Atom N270 processor (1.60 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 512 KB L2 cache). 1024 MB DDR2 533 MHz RAM

We are looking to better perform our configuration and field work tasks on the Mesh network with two laptops to have two network specialists who monitor the performance of the network (6 Mesh routers and 3 mesh extenders): the web server for accessing the Mesh network, user authentication, MAC address filtering for authorized devices and bandwidth control.

We have evaluated several options and we want to purchase two Acer Aspire 3 laptops, with 8 GB of RAM and Ryzen 7 processing. In addition to a wireless network adapter compatible with 2.4/5.0 GHz frequencies. This will be a huge upgrade for our network tools.

The cost of the laptops is $440 each.

10% remittance fee: 44$

Total: $924

Help us to get better tools and keep building the Monero Mesh Network!

Update 15/02 we renewed the XMR wallet. 1.2 XMR was recieved. thanks to 7 supporters.


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Contact: @Moneronando

Published: 2024-01-04


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