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Hello to everyone who reads these words, I have days thinking about the ida that if asking for money to strangers on the Internet is the same as being a homeless and to be clear I have nothing against the homeless, many are in that situation for other reasons and not the economic aspect.

Maybe this will help a little to clarify my situation, I am 19 years old, I have been working since I was 16 years old mainly because of the economic situation that my country is going through, it is worth mentioning that I also study at night in a private university which I managed to be in because of my good average, my salary is basically paying my educational expenses and my transportation, My mother helps me with housing and food, she is retired and earns less than $ 60 a month, I earn $ 100 and this although little manages to keep our body walking, we both live in a single-family house with two rooms, kitchen and a large room which is where we sleep, our city is one of the hottest in the country with temperatures of 30 to 32 degrees centigrade, and recently we are suffering a heat wave where the temperature can reach 34 and 36 degrees and really all this is something that although we know how to carry as we are very resistant to heat has become a suffering because our only place of relaxation that was the main room that had an air conditioner, is now an oven as the air conditioner is completely damaged since the compressor tranco and it is impossible to repair the air conditioning.

My request is who can and read these words help me buy a new air conditioning unit this has a cost of $ 250.

If you wonder why I never said my name or specify the country where I live is because as part of a class some years ago we read 1984 by George Orwell and from that moment I was very interested in the subject of Privacy, and specifically in the economic field I was interested in Monero, Zcah and projects focused on anonymity and irrestreabilidad, attached photo of the A/C to buy and an article on the heat wave, plus my Twitter account oueeqden write me to private if desired

I met Kuno, because I was visiting Monero a and there I got it.

P.S. I am from Venezuela


Published: 2024-03-28


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