Unique Monero service to help replace corrupt banking system please read details

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Good day Monero enthusiasts

Hello, I’m Hasan Awada and I’ve been into crypto for almost 6 years, started as hobby, took it to next level helping people to get freedom

My job is to cash out people’s remittance and give them cash money instead and vice versa

My country banking system failed hard the last 3 years, resulting banks to shut down and left with few exchanges where people use them to mainly receive money from abroad

The main issue is for every $100 people need to cash out they have to pay 3% fees to the government aside from transfer charges

So here comes my job which helped people and encouraged to use crypto instead of money

For $100 exchange I charge $1 commission for me and mainly my clients use USDT Tether (considering it stable-coin)

So I’ve been encouraging people to use alternatives and Monero is one of the coins that I’m promoting, mainly because transfer fees is almost to zero & on top anonymity
Before mainly using USDT, but Monero is a much better option (fees & anonymity)

3 months back I got attacked because I mainly do my job on motorbike, where they set me trap and get my cash under weapon pressure

The reason I’m here, because I need to set up a small office where it will be a safer environment for me as well as the clients and the set up

Currently I use someone else’s office mainly after the incident happened

The main point of using XMR also is there is a lot of people want to get their personal money out of the country without trace, where I’m here to help them by selling them XMR

Office rent on an average location found is $130 / month and must pay 2 months advance

Desk and set up can get used from used furniture store not exceeding the $200

You can check my crypto pages on social media



Contact: [email protected]

Published: 2023-12-27


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