Bringing Internet and web3 to a School in Venezuela

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The Venezuelan education system should provide equal opportunity and protect the human rights of all students. Since the quality of education is so important, we must focus on creating the best learning environments that we can at each of our schools.

Our students deserve to be taught by qualified teachers who wish to see them succeed. The most immediate need is the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities, as it affects everyone, students and teachers, alike.

Agustín Aveledo High School opened on September 15, 1959. The high school is located on the corner of Natividad and Tajamar, at #44, in La Pastora neighborhood, Bolivarian Libertador Municipality, Capital District in Caracas, Venezuela.

This debut School Improvement project will be a collaborative effort between friends from Venezuela and cbrsphilanthropy, and we have chosen this high school as the first test zone! Our vision includes setting up a blockchain-focused educational space inside one of the classrooms in the school. This will serve as a hub for student engagement and introducing new participants to cryptocurrency ecosystems and the Hive blockchain.

The primary goal of this project is to provide equal educational opportunities for all students. Through our own personal experiences, we have witnessed, and benefited from, the powerful developmental tools that have been created throughout the Web 3 movement. We see this as an invaluable tool in enriching the educational process for young minds.

Utilizing blockchain platforms such as Hive, we aim to give every student the opportunity to produce meaningful work that has an impact on the greater world around them. This technology enables and protects a level of involvement that many children are denied in the physical world around them. Being able to share your experiences with your friends (and network) online is seen as a powerful method of self-expression.

This Web3 Hub will provide laptop computers and a secure internet network that will allow students to access Hive applications, where they can access their blog and share their thoughts! We aim to instill fundamental moral values in our students, giving special attention to respect for life, education, and the protection of human rights.

It is worth mentioning that the high school needs to make many improvements and repairs, however, since it's a public institution, it does not receive adequate state funding. Improving the quality of education for students and teachers is vital to improving future outcomes. That is the moral imperative this project lends authority to.

Renovating the classroom and bringing it up to code for the twenty-first century is the first step in this process that we will pursue. Ensuring the stability and presence of the internet network at the Web3 Hub will lead to establishing consistency in the environment and their daily routines. Access to information is what enables young minds to truly thrive in the digital age: we will institute updated/better security measures to mitigate the risk of theft or damage to any of the property.

It is the vision of CBRS Philanthropy to help produce the tools necessary for a successful and fulfilling life in concert with blockchain technologies. Hive offers the perfect platform for cultivating healthy social and financial habits. With an immutable, censorship-resistant ledger, anyone can publish an article or create their own community!

We are implementing a unique strategy leveraging blockchain technology, specifically the Hive Blockchain. The students will be encouraged to create and share educational content on the Hive platform. Through this process, they will earn rewards in the form of HIVE & HBD. A portion of these rewards will be allocated to the school to cover expenses such as internet bills, thereby ensuring its sustainability.

By engaging students in content creation and incentivizing their participation through blockchain rewards, we not only foster a culture of learning but also provide the school with a reliable source of income. This innovative approach aligns with our vision of creating a self-sustained educational environment that empowers both students and educators.

The Costs

First we need $700 to make school repairs and prepare the Web3 Hub

Repar and preparation List:

Upgrade grille cylinder for enhanced #security.
Replace knob lock for the wooden door.
Install a padlock on the grille
Establish security measures with a 12" block wall.
Apply a fresh coat of paint to the wall and ensure uniform coverage on all surfaces.
Paint all walls and ceilings within the designated area.
Inspect and install functional light fixtures.
Implement six computer connections to support the technological requirements of the space.

After all the repairs we can finaly get the Router and Internet for upcoming 6 months. This will cost $210.

Then we can buy used/new laptops or Computers or Tables. This will cost about $500

For a more detaild project information you can read our Pilot article here:

1st week Updates:

2nd week Updates:

3rd week Updates:

Week 4 & 5 Updates:

Week 6 Updates:


Published: 2024-02-21


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