An Open-Source Peer-To-Peer Charity System

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We're working on a peer to peer charity system that cuts out the middlemen and enables 100% of your donations to go direct to the recipients. We're making a non-profit ISP to provide internet services which will take care of running costs of the system.

We need some funds to get started, to pay for some development work, and to set up a bitcoin faucet which we can use to advertise the projects. All income and expenditure will be accounted for in the website, down to the last detail.

We have a pilot project on Rusinga Island in Kenya where our member, Evans, has so far overseen the planting of over 200,000 trees. The community there is already seeing the benefits and we will be developing the system in cooperation with them. Once fully working it will be open source so anyone can use it.

This has been kept brief, feel free to ask any questions! You can see what progress is made at directsponsororg

Contact: [email protected]

Published: 2023-06-03


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